where to stay in Taipei

Want to find a job really is not easy in the bustling Taipei street. Today I have run one day, is now spend oneself. The bath, lying in bed and can’t sleep. So he carried a notebook computer, I saw the recruitment have part-time job let me do. The summer vacation had two months, at home idle is idle, might as well use this time to earn his living expenses. Then I would see a hotel where to stay in Taipei in the guard, I take a look at the where to stay in Taipei the job requirements. The most important point is, can bear hardships and stand hard work. I think I must have no problem. To my family, from the time I was small, she began to help my mother to do farm work, summer heat cold, I never said a word. Mama always said I later married the day must also not bad to where go to. I’m ready tomorrow early in the morning to go to the where to stay in Taipei interview.